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The deadline is May 20, 2024.

Friday, May 24, 2024

08:00-08:30 Late registration on site
08:30-09:00 Opening Ceremony (Mircea Diculescu, Alexander Hann, Monica Acalovschi, Wolfram Zoller)

09:00-11:00 Session I: Digestive diseases – from prevention to treatment
Chair: Wolfram Zoller, Mircea Mănuc, Monica Acalovschi

  1. Martina Müller-Schilling (Regensburg): UEG meets Romania and Germany
  2. Dan Dumitraşcu (Cluj-Napoca): The effect of Greek Orthodox fasting on gastrointestinal symptoms
  3. Simona Bataga (Tg. Mureş): Changes and diseases in the GI tract of the elderly
  4. Stephan Schmid (Regensburg): Interprofessional therapeutic drug monitoring of carbapenems improves ICU care in acute-on-chronic liver failure
  5. Markus Lerch (Munich): The intestinal microbiome and the pancreas
  6. Marcel Tanțău (Cluj-Napoca): Diagnosis of early digestive neoplasia

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

Session II: Diseases of the Liver
Chair: Liana Gheorghe, Ioan Sporea, Michael Sackmann, Paul J. Porr

  1. Ioan Sporea (Timişoara): To screen or not to screen? This is the question! (for MASLD/SLD)
  2. Peter Galle (Mainz): Current systemic therapy and treatment strategy for advanced HCC
  3. Sebastian Müller (Heidelberg): Ingestion of red blood cells by hepatocytes: A novel observation and its implication
  4. Zeno Spârchez (Cluj-Napoca): Rebalanced hemostasis in advanced liver disease: thromboelastography vs. standard coagulation tests
  5. Liana Gheorghe (Bucureşti): Advances in the management of primary biliary cholangitis: A global updated perspective
  6. Lidia Ciobanu (Cluj-Napoca): Pregnancy and metabolic associated fatty liver disease

13.30-14.40 Lunch
14:10-14:40 Oral presentations
Chair: Laurențiu Nedelcu, Mircea Diculescu, Alexander Hann
e-Poster visit: Paul Porr, Sebastian Müller, Simona Bățagă, Adrian Goldiș

14:40-16.00 Session III: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Chair: Dan Gheonea, Martina Müller-Schilling, Mircea Diculescu

  1. Tilo Andus (Stuttgart): Actual treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
  2. Andreas Sturm (Berlin): Treatment of IBD in the frail patient: how to choose the best treatment option?
  3. Adrian Goldiş (Timisoara): Severe acute ulcerative colitis – a therapeutical challenge
  4. Sevastiţa Iordache (Craiova): New imaging techniques in IBD

16.00-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-18:30 Session IV – Ultrasound and endoscopy
Chair: Gheorghe Cristian, Eugen Dumitru, Michael Jung, Marcel Tanțău

  1. Alexander Hann (Wurzburg): AI in colonoscopy
  2. Michael Jung (Mainz): Green endoscopy – environmental considerations and practical consequences
  3. Cristian Gheorghe (Bucuresti): Ergonomics in endoscopy
  4. Roxana Șirli (Timişoara): Why should we perform CEUS in pancreatic pathology? ()
  5. Andrada Seiceanu (Cluj-Napoca): Therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound in pancreatic cancer
  6. Ernst Michael Jung (Regensburg): New possibilities of HiFr CEUS and CEUS Perfusion imaging for liver tumor chracterization and post treatment control

18.30-18.50 Closing remarks, Prize awards